Thursday, March 23, 2017

Traditional use of medicinal plants to combat disease: special journal issue of Frontiers in Pharmacology ( IF = 4.4, Q1 )

Submission is open for an ethnopharmacology-focused special issue of the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology ( IF = 4.4, Q1 ), guest edited by Atanas G. Atanasov, Judith Maria Rollinger, Judit Hohmann, and Anna Karolina Kiss.

With an emphasis on traditional European medicine, the special issue encourages submissions related to phytochemistry, clinical studies with herbal preparations, bioactivities and mechanism of action studies with natural products, pharmacokinetics and biotransformation of phytochemicals, field and observational studies on the use of local and traditional medicinal plants etc.

Frontiers in Pharmacology ( IF = 4.4, Q1 ) special issue image 1

The submission of the following article types is particularly encouraged: Original Research, Methods, Protocols, Technology Reports, Reviews, Mini-Reviews, Hypothesis & Theory, Perspectives, Data Reports, General Commentary, Opinions, and Book Reviews.

The full text of this Frontiers in Pharmacology (IF = 4.4, Q1) submission call with all further details and requirements can be viewed at:

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  1. CASE1-Pancreas could not produce sufficient quantity of insulin.

    Alternative Medicine- Gooseberry (English)or Amla (Hindi) or Nellikkāy (tamil) juice; Gymnema (English) or Gurmarbooti (Hindi) or Shardunika (Tamil); Pterocarpus (English) or Vijaysar (hindi) or SivappuChandanam(Tamil)

    Case 2 - Body cells are unable to respond as required to insulin produced or supplied.

    Alternative Medicine- Fenugreek (English) or Methi (Hindi) or Ventahiam (Tamil); BitterGourd (English) or indrāyanachōttī (Hindi) Pavakkai (Tamil); Pterocarpus (English) or Vijaysar (hindi) or Sivappu Chandanam (Tamil); Gymnema (English) or Gurmarbooti (Hindi) or Shardunika (Tamil)

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